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What's Bamboo Bedding Actually Made From?

May 11, 2016 // by admin

Bamboo-established material is used to create numerous commercially accessible sleek soft products like clothing, in addition to sheets, duvets, pillow cases, towels, crib bedding. It’s a luxury material that’s frequently compared to silk for softness and its sheen. If you are an environmentally aware shopper and take joy in the array of sheets, tops and socks made from bamboo, you might want to go to the website and learn about material and fibers that are made from bamboo.

The significant question to contemplate, which the U.S. Federal Trade Commission did only a few years past, is: Is bamboo material actually bamboo? The truth is, the soft bamboo material used in bedclothes and bamboo clothing is really viscose rayon – normally simply called rayon. To be more precise, one could say bamboo rayon (or as the FTC indicates, “rayon made from bamboo”) to establish that the rayon fiber was made from bamboo. To further clarify, the material itself isn’t made from “bamboo” fibers but from “rayon” fibers. Thus the material itself in isn’t really bamboo. The cellulose purifies and changes in the bamboo.

Bamboo rayon could be called a semi-manufactured product. The rayon fiber is made using a procedure that starts with natural bamboo. Cellulose in the inner or pulp pith of trunk or the bamboo stalk is taken out and processed with additives by changing its molecular orientation and amount of polymerization in a way that changes the physical form of the cellulose fiber. Physical alteration differs from chemical modification. This said the U.S. EPA notes that chemically the bamboo rayon fiber is basically the same substance as the raw material.

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